oh this is gonna be interesting…

my future roommate is chinese, just as my mother predicted. when i say chinese, i mean no-spaces-after-punctuation-marks chinese.

bring it on.

after reading that-which-shall-not-be-named, i’ve decided that i’m going to do my best not to let my international roommate slip through the cracks. granted, i understand that her happiness is not my responsibility. intrinsic attitude is everything. your time is what you make of it. but, if i can do something for a person in a wacky country, then i will make an effort. i’ve always done this, ever since i was a little kid. case 1: sally akimoto, the english-japanese girl with asian eyes and hazel hair. it just depends on the person.

i think living in new york has been a great experience for me. i admit, i wasn’t too happy when first got here, i learned that new york takes getting used to. everything turned out well — better than i expected. i made good connections with people at the museum. i couldn’t be happier about being here this summer. it’s such an amazing opportunity. i’m glad i took advantage of it. i learned a lot and had a good time. research is cool.


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