reblog: the link between teen pregnancy and sexual violence

from feministe

some of the figures from an article from the center for american progress are “stunning” (quoted from feministe):

The Harvard School of Public Health’s exhaustive research on the lives of girls demonstrates that girls who are victims of violence from dating partners are four to six times more likely than non-abused girls to become pregnant, and eight to nine times more likely to attempt suicide.

Other research findings… The average age of first intercourse for abused girls is 13.8, in contrast to the national average of 16.2. Only 28 percent of the abused girls used birth control at first intercourse, compared to 74 percent of girls in the general population.

abstinence-only education? so naive.


3 responses to “reblog: the link between teen pregnancy and sexual violence

  1. I think that young teen women need to be more careful with themselves, and honestly women who are pregnant either want to be, or has never really learned about sex. Young teen women i think should not be pregnant because usually they can’t afford to take care of it. In my opinion i think that if you want a baby, you should prob have a steady job. Women AND Men that are interacting with each other need to wear proper protection.

  2. neverapartinheart

    Hmm… a little fishy here… I see this “Ridge” fellow has left an identical comment on this blog post as he did on one of mine where I talked about my younger sister who informed me she was pregnant. When I tried to email him back, the email address was invalid. Some balls this person has.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing the data. I can say that my poor young sister is part of the statistic, as am I. Your post has piqued my interest and I will be looking a little more into the research.


  3. yeah, it’s clear that the ridge fellow doesn’t know what he’s talking about. the article was about sexual abuse, which does not involve the consent that he seems to imply is present in all sexual relations.

    i hope you and your sister make it through your troubles.

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