bless the people who woke me up at 7:12 am

what a gorgeous morning. the sun is out. the weather is perfect — only about 65 or so. i decided to treat myself to a store-bought breakfast item, and starbucks was the first thing i found. i got a blueberry coffee cake and a mocha frappucino. “would you like cream on that?” “ah, no thanks.” “good, that makes my job a little a bit easier!” aww. waving ‘hi’ to the security guards as i enter the garage. all before 10 am.

i slept from ~3 am to 8:30 am. i’m sure i’ll start my yawning marathon soon. despite being woken up at an ungodly hour (today = sunday = ungodly), i’m glad that all the commotion got me out of the house. the guys (apartment people) are going to fire island today. manuel was singing. i found a condom wrapper in the bathroom and took a picture of it. it had an interesting design — ‘nyc condom’ in subway lettering. i guess olivia and jared really did consummate the sex i thought i was hearing as i was reading a million pages of ‘bleach’ last night. i left at 8:45 am this morning. woot.

i’m really starting to enjoy new york, now that i only have a week left. i don’t know if it’s because [almost] all of my friends are gone and i am forced to occupy myself. i am free to do the meaningless, non-touristy things i want to do. i go to the bookstore to read chapters of ‘the traveler’, shop for cheap clothes at filene’s basement, and look for shoe stores that carry simple shoes. i also like going to whole foods and eating a wholesome meal there, even though the food and a tasty drink costs me about $8 – 10. tibetan tofu burrito vs poorly-cooked mac & cheese? i think the tofu burrito is the better alternative. i’ve started taking the bus now that i live crosstown. it’s really slow, but much more scenic than the subway. i wish i could have visited midtown/upper east side more while i was here. it seems to be the cleaner part of nyc.

mm, blueberry coffee cake. too sweet, but nice and rewarding.

back to work.


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