it’s been a while since i tried to wash off a bruise

got a few little scratches in this moving attempt. three keys and i had trouble with all three. what kind of key turns counterclockwise?? i’m so glad that this is the last move. second-to-last, technically, but moving back home is much easier. i’ve done:

1. seattle > columbia
2. columbia > i-house
3. i-house > east harlem
4. east harlem > seattle

harlem really isn’t that bad. it reminds me of taipei/banchiao, but with black people instead of asians! the building that i’m living in used to be an old school building, so it looks like a decent neighborhood.

still, i’m pretty tired… i stayed up till 2am watching the last of the rescuing-rukia episodes of beach. effectively went to sleep at 3 am. woke up at 7:45 for some reason, probably just nervous. took two buses to east harlem. buses here are sooo slow. went back to the i-house to pick up my rice cooker, then off to work.

in theory, the world of academia is idyllic for a geek like me. in reality… i don’t know if i can live up to it. i think i’m just insecure about my newbness.

right… back to work.


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