we wouldn’t dream of eating kangaroos

maybe it’s different in australia, but i doubt that americans would be willing to eat kangroos instead of cows to reduce greenhouse emissions. because kangaroos are cute!

… and cows are not?

what it all comes down to is your perception of an animal’s cuteness, and that determines whether it lives or dies.


the weather has been nice nicely.

today wasn’t quite as good as yesterday. i hate it when subway station managers yell at me. “come here for courteous service.” pah.

i started reading the traveler, which promises to be really awesome. and it’s going to be a trilogy! i’m excited. maybe i should buy it…


One response to “we wouldn’t dream of eating kangaroos

  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog. I’ve also been exploring roos, as well as koalas, Barry Crocker, and Matthew McConaughey over at the Rodeo.

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