omg i-house sucks, period

i was supposed to pay at least $10 to do one load of laundry here.

lame, right?

i had in my possession a card that was 25 cents short of 1 load of laundry. i only needed to put in $0.25! $0.75 is i wanted to dry it. but the card machine required a $10 minimum, that bastard. not $1 — $10! sooo lame.

so my options are to wear my slightly smelly old clothes for the next week — possibly for the next two weeks — or to start buying new clothes. dammit. at columbia, i could get by without doing laundry for two weeks sometimes, but i just feel so dirty at the I-house, so i feel the need to do laundry after only one week. it amazes me that people manage to stay clean here in new york. so much pollution and sweat and dirty bathrooms… >.<

i suppose i could find a public laundry facility and do my laundry there. but i don’t have a bag big enough to carry my laundry, aside from my suitcase, which is an unreasonable apparatus to be carrying around on public transportation unless absolutely necessary.

i can’t wait to go home. = /


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