i lied

everything worked out. maybe i overreact to these things too much. jay’s going to lend me his laundry card, but since i just found out that there’s a laundromat/cleaning service just down the street from the I-house, i might use that instead. i heard it would be cheaper. i’ll check it out tomorrow morning.

today was a pretty good day, otherwise. yeah, like spending three hours in barnes & noble counts as a good day. but no, it was. well, first i went to the whole foods at columbus circle and checked out their selection of tom’s shoes and simple shoes. i bought a buttermilk scone, a tuna sandwich, and an apple cranberry juice. ate the scone and proceeded to barnes & noble.

i started reading a bunch of books at the bookstore. i headed for the sf/fantasy section as usual, but none of the books could really keep my attention; the first of the ‘otherworld’ series, ‘greywalker’, and some others. after a while, i started reading ‘an idiot’s complete guide to music theory’, and brushed up on chord theory. i finally learned the theory behind chord-naming conventions, and things like extensions, inversions, and what the fuck was the difference between diminished, augmented, and sevenths. i might even start composing with chord notations like D/F# and A7.

i also read a bit of ‘the anglo files’ by sarah lyall and ‘the end of faith’.

sad song, very pretty: ‘yellow butterfly’ by meg & dia.

today was nice and cool.

tomorrow, i have plans to a) attempt to do my laundry, and b) go shopping downtown.


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