i would have liked to see the opening ceremony

okay, i’ve gotten used to sleeping on the four-and-a-half-foot couch. i’ve gotten used to stooping over my luggage, and squinting in the dark to discern which article clothing i might choose to don. i’m used to the bathrooms now, which i once thought were filthy, but then i learned that mold in the showers is a given in buildings that have poor to non-existent ventilation systems.

right now, i’m viewing this as a place to sleep, shower, and spend the night. good enough for my purposes, i keep telling myself. i just can’t wait to go home.

but i don’t like that i don’t have free access to the building. every two days, jay has to find a way to get me an overnight pass, either to come all the way up here, or call a friend of his to sign me in. today, i waited an hour and a half. i don’t blame jay — he has a life and i don’t want to be the babysittee. i just wish i could sign up as a temporary i-house resident, because then i could at least DO MY LAUNDRY today like i had PLANNED.


as shitty as the columbia laundry machines were, they didn’t require ID’s to operate. even though i had an ID.

so i’m kind of pissed that the I-house thwarted me again. hence, i missed the opening ceremony to the olympics. damn, i’ve always watched the olympics since i was a little kid. praise the era of online video streaming.

i might stop eating hot food from now on. it makes me sweat in this hot building, and it burns my tongue. salad might be more convenient. yeah, i think i might start eating salad for dinner from this point on. then i can get those veggies in my vegetarian diet.

seriously, being a vegetarian is good in more ways than one. 16 pounds of grain that goes into producing 1 pound of beef? you could feed people with that 16 pounds of grain. cows produce a lot of methane and other shit. not to mention the concept of slaughterhouses, which is utterly cruel and despicable.

reading the feministe blog is so depressing. according to this post, a female employee of a defense contractor for the war in iraq was gang-raped by her male employees and locked in a shipping container for 2 days. a “sympathetic” security guard (you know, the one who didn’t set her free) lent her his cellphone, and she called her dad, who called his congressman to get her released. and now the company is banning cellphones — so that, you know, the next time one of their employees is gang-raped, kidnapped, and imprisoned, she can’t get out, and with a little luck, will conveniently die.


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