after i took a shower, i decided to head out in search of lunch.

(i also realized that i forgot to brush my teeth last night, in the midst of all my… stresses. preposterous!)

luckily for me, the subway skipped the 79th street stop, so i got off at 72nd and decided to walk up to 79th and look for a place to buy cheap food. i entered the fabled fairway, and bought a fairly large cranberry muffin, a cherished unit of la yogurt, and a pound’s worth of pineapple and kiwi. the westside market is cheaper than fairway. i headed up to the museum to drop off my computer, but ended up happily eating my lunch in the refreshingly chilly perkin’s reading room. in the process, i produced the last blog post, and couch-surfed the internet like i usually do.

after an hour, i got off my ass and headed out. i walked up columbus avenue and saw a flea market, so i headed that way — nothing interesting. next block: a street fair! they’re pretty frequent and random in new york. i saw a group of five asian guys all wearing the same outfit: a white t-shirt with pj-style black pants with white fish designs on them. they were so peculiar that i tailed them and took a picture with my phone.

the fair brought me to 66th at lincoln center, and when i looked around and saw barnes & nobles, i went in, naturally. i spent the next hour or two looking at books. i sat down to read my first manga novel, the first in a series called bleach. i admit, i have never read a comic book before, much less manga, so it took me a while to get used to the right-to-left style of reading, and looking at the illustrations to grasp the unwritten bits. i liked it. the storytelling was cinematic, and it was fun to familiarize myself with yet another new fantasy world.

i decided to stop at the westside market on my way back to buy a drink, and buy a drink i did. tangerine white tea. $1. sweet.

now i’m in the h.r. room cooling off. maybe i’ll eat ramen later. maybe i can find jay and he can let me into a practice room. i wonder when he’s moving out, since he has to renew my guest past every two days. seems like a lot of trouble. all the more reason to move in with katie. *crosses fingers*


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