when the internet is slow, so there is nothing like blogging to kill time

writing doesn’t come naturally to me anymore, but i’ll do my best.

i was just scratching a strange patch of skin on my shoulder, and now i think i’ve raised a welt. i am reminded of the time when i was trying to scratch the henna out of my skin, but i think i ended up embedding it even deeper, so now there’s a permanent mark on my shoulder.

i don’t want to live here. for many reasons and all the right ones. there is no air conditioning, so the apartment is fucking hotter than the cooler outdoors. the floor is sticky from spilled alcoholic beverages, and no amount of floor-wiping with my foot rectified that. there was a fly hanging around near my luggage when i was bringing out the cooking utensils.

i thought jay would be moving out today, but apparently he’s not, so it looks like we will both be sleeping in the same apartment tonight. it doesn’t matter, though, because i don’t think i will be able to sleep with the heat, which sucks, because i went to bed at 4am last night and i am rather tired.

i took out my scissors to tie my luggage together this morning, and i’ve kept it in my pocket ever since. this is the most extreme situation that my mother fears for me, but there’s nothing i can do about it. i showed up on his door step and there’s no where else i can spend the night. if there’s trouble, i’ll deal. i don’t think jay will do anything, though. he might be kind of creepy, but he doesn’t talk to me much. the people you have to watch out for are the ones who try to talk you up, i think. but what do i know? i just don’t want to stay in this living situation.

in other news, you don’t really appreciate what you have until it’s gone. i’m starting to get a feel for what it’s like to be abandoned. my mom talks to me less and less because she’s taking care of her niece who is visiting in america. my dad doesn’t call every couple of days like he said he would. jeffrey went from being available 24/7 to being completely absent from my life. all but one of the REU people left today. they’re all going home, leaving behind their comfortable columbia housing, and leaving me to clean up the aftermath of a party that we all attended in the apartment that i’m currently situated in.

i finally relented and had some alcohol, but just a taste. i had more than a few sips of kalua and soy milk, which was remarkably good and non-burning. i tried lemon liquor, which burned like vodka. i also smoked hookah, which was fine.

i explored the I-house today. i tried to find the practice rooms, but one of the sections was closed off, so i gave up. i don’t really like the I-house. it’s obviously very old; it was built in the 1920’s. i’m excited that there are practice rooms; i just have to find it in the rabbit holes.

friday, the last day… sonic vision was amazing. i made contact with my taiwanese cousins on IM, so that was very exciting. wei-ting has a wretch blog. his brother probably has one, too, but i didn’t get the chance to jot down his screen name.

i’ve been ready a lot of hyperion, which i’ve been neglecting for the past 8 months. it’s picking up, it’s getting good.



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