waking thoughts

i woke up thinking about math 324, multivariable calc — the first math class i ever took in college. i was thinking about that one problem i could never figure out — finding the surface integral through a cube. i can’t remember what the field was through the cube, but i remember that the answer was 3, which just did not add up. the answer key didn’t make sense and i didn’t feel brave enough to ask the professor, the infamous Dr. Warner. i remembered that his first name was garth, but for a while in my semi-waking state, i couldn’t remember what his last name was. garth nix? garth brooks? names of all the garths that i was familiar with popped into my head.

oh math. can’t live with you, can’t live without you.

that class was harder for me than it should have been. in retrospect, it wasn’t that hard. i blame it on my freshman-ness. i feel like i should revisit the class.

the other morning i woke up with the veronicas’ song ‘goodbye to you’. listened to it for the rest of the day.

subconscious thoughts abound…

i went to surfthechannel.com and was buttering up my bread with non-butter (nutella and strawberry preserve) when the advertisement started talking to me:

“it’s time, time again to dive into a place where excitement is on the dinner table. join us for the valuable display in courage. “this sucks a lot”. “i don’t want to do this”. the anniversary of seeing your life in a [unintelligible], and the birthday of surprises you won’t soon forget. shark week is back, starting at sunday july 27th at 9, only on discovery.

i wish there was a similar announcement for my own shark week… i can never tell…


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