so this is what it means to be a scientist

sometimes i can’t believe that i’m actually doing real science.

at other times, i can’t believe that the majority of my time is spent debugging my programs…

i really want to do something productive with my life. i want create things. i want to be innovative. and i want to start while i’m still young. this doesn’t seem to bode well with scientific research.

the problem with science is… 6 years of grad school. >.< i’m looking at four years of college, six years of grad school, and another decade of my life mired in institutionalism. i sit at a desk all day, straining my eyes at a computer screen. science is a world where smarts are all that matter, and your efforts get… swallowed up. poof. you constantly get judged by your merit, but it’s so tiring because others’ perception of you is immaterial to the rest of society.

i could simply get a science education and… figure out what i want to do next?


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