i spoke chinese to a couple who asked me to take a picture of them on the steps of the columbia library. i usually walk away from these interesting encounters feeling rather pleased with myself, but wishing i had done better in my chinese, i.e. not said something untrue (i said that i was here for ‘work’ and not ‘research’ like the woman had originally guessed, and i didn’t correct myself). i had guessed that they were chinese because the woman had a ‘beijing 2008’ shirt, so that alright. i realized that mandarin wasn’t their native dialect, since they had an accent and spoke it rather slowly. they were nice. i felt like i should stay around and talk more. i should remember to do that next time.

i found more noodle seasonings in my dresser! yes! bonito fish flavor!

the simple things in life keep me happy.

it’s too much to worry about GRE’s already.


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