it’s the $10 i didn’t spend

it’s the $10 i didn’t spend on the hungarian bakery in the past two times that i’ve gone there with friends.
it’s the $10 i didn’t spend on a book at barnes & noble.
it’s the $10+ i didn’t spend on bubble tea when i wanted some.
it’s the $20 i didn’t spend on a pair of jeans i liked last weekend.
it’s the $30 that i didn’t spend this past year on feminine hygiene products. (yes!)

i’ve been told numerous times not to pay attention to people who talk to you on the street. the conventional rule is to ignore them and don’t make eye contact. that is, if you’d rather be safe than sorry.

i didn’t have a $5 bill, which is what i meant to give her, so i gave her the next one up.

i didn’t feel very good about it afterwards — not much better than when i denied myself the obligation.

i guess there are a lot of reasons why i felt compelled to do that today.

i don’t see myself as an extraordinarily nice person, but sometimes, my empathy surprises even myself.

Dr. Brighton: He came to me with absolutely no sense of self-worth… But, with the low latent inhibition, something interesting happened to Michael. He became very attune to all the suffering around him. He couldn’t shut it out. He became a rescuer. One of those people who are more concerned with other people’s welfare than their own.

prison break, season 1 episode 8, “Tweener”

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