today was pretty good

no, today was pretty awesome.

we went to the aquarium. long subway ride — hour-and-a-half — to coney island (which, incidentally, is not actually an island), where i practiced morse code with my fingers (now that i know the whole alphabet, mua ha ha).

seeing the sea otters was absolute awesomeness. the aquarium itself… let’s just say i’ve been to better ones. i was a bit appalled at how small the tanks were. waiting 40 minutes for lunch (corn dog + small lemonade = $5 = rip-off) was… i’d rather not dwell on that memory.

came back to the museum all tan, had fun attempting to do work but not actually accomplishing any. then we entered the bowels of the 4th floor of the museum in search of the ‘big bones’ room because we were supposed to get a tour. we couldn’t find the room, but we found the enormous underbelly of the biology research department. craaazy. adventuring behind-the-scenes was pretty cool.

finally, i got my ambitious program to work! had to read the integers into an external file and read it back in as a string, which is stupid, considering that most programs have a int2string or string2int function.

i am tan. this is phenomenal. and yet i’m still paler than most people.


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