new york, new york

my room:

cute bamboo-themed cup:

music about ‘new york, new york’ by the canon logic, but i actually like ‘the system’ better.

wednesday was the subway system fiasco. = P i must’ve gone in the wrong direction 5 times, transferred trains like 9 times, between 60-something and 125th street. i kept getting off the wrong train because what if there’s a better train that more accurately matches the directions that i’ve been given? of course, i get on the ‘right’ train only to go in the wrong direction. then i come back down. then get off the train to get my bearings, only to get on a train that’s either heading in the wrong direction, or i’ve convinced myself that i’m on the wrong train when i was actually on the correct one. it was a good subway learning experience, though. i don’t like the subway system too much.

of course, when i finally got to union square, it was raining, and my cellphone wasn’t working.

the westside market is cool. i’ve been buying food there lately. perhaps i will just stick to wandering around broadway after work. more lengthy adventures are for the weekends.

i’ve also made the decision to wander around the museum for half an hour every day. this was after jim webster gave us a tour (and a book that he wrote) about the hall of planet earth that exposed me to the awesomeness of working in a museum. i wandered through the hall of evolutionary history (or whatever it’s called) looking at giant castings of dinosaur bones and stuff. so very awesome.

all in all, so far, i’ve felt safer here than i do in parts of seattle. i’ve also noticed that there are significantly more black people and spanish-speaking people (which includes a healthy portion of the aforementioned black people) here. it’s cool. it’s a sign of diversity! not as many asians, heh. i hear so many languages here. eavesdrop on french. hehe.


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